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MTM interviews BSR

We did an interview with the great folks at Middle Tennessee Music – here’s the link, check it out!

Interview with Blue Sand Renegades – Disclosure

Let’s dive a little deeper into You, the artist and your music. What attracted you to this genre(s) or style(s)?

First, we wanted to create music that was organic and authentic. Something that appealed to everyone in Blue Sand Renegades. We figure that as an artist, your first - and maybe only goal - is to create music that sounds good to the band! If you don’t love it, who’s going to? After that, it’s up to our listeners to decide whether they get on the same wave-length as us. If you do - that’s great!

Blue Sand Renegades is a guitar-oriented band, which is different than most of the stuff you hear today. On our debut album 'Disclosure’, we try to establish the groove early on, if you’re foot is tapping, that’s where we live! Guitars + Vocals + Groove = Hot Tunes!

What led you into this journey with music? And further, what drives you to push it out to the public?

When we first got together, it was really just for fun. That fun lead us to creating a number of songs, and after we had created four or five tunes, we thought about becoming a band and releasing a record. We played the songs for a few folks, and they all encouraged us to put it out, so we did. And we’ve received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, and the record has only been out for a week!

Who or what influences your creativity? Have your tastes in music changed over time?

We have a ton of influences. Not just musically but in a general artistic sense. We’ve spent time in museums, at shows, poetry readings and slams. We’re absolutely music fans as well as musicians, we love seeing live shows, and listening to recordings, hanging out with friends discussing music and art.

Early on we were exposed to the punk alt-rock scene, but 'Disclosure' and especially our first single 'Gypsy Water’ - which MTM was the first to feature - took us back to our southern roots. It was actually very refreshing to not try to fit in any particular genre or style, but really just let ourselves out of the box, let all those influences fly - which is why you hear some bluegrass tinge, some bluesy stuff, and some country-fried rock 'n’ roll on the album. We just let our hair down. So, yeah, there’s definitely been an evolution.

Were you trying to accomplish anything specific on this new project? Creatively or otherwise?

We were trying to capture the sound of Blue Sand Renegades. In contrast to how most records are recorded these days, we played most of this stuff 'live’ in the studio, and captured what came out. What we tried to get on tape was the drama and the groove, telling a story - our story, with the music and lyrics.

What was the last song you listened to?

The last song I listened to? Between us, we have over 20,000 songs in our library! And that’s before we get to Spotify! Dan’s had the opportunity to hang out with Al Kooper, so we’re listening to a ton of Al’s early stuff: Super Sessions, the first Blood Sweat and Tears record, he’s a lesser known Founding Father of rock 'n’ roll, with a real soul/blues twist. Great guy who’s was there with everybody at the beginning! But if we’re really talking about the last song, it was a tune by Lake Street Dive. Great band! Had the opportunity to see them live at Austin City Limits last year.

Which do you prefer? Vinyl? CDs? MP3s?

Ha! They each have their appeal. MP3s are great for the convenience. Listen to ’em on the go, create custom playlists, just awesome. We still love CDs, and the packaging that comes with them. And they can’t be beat for clarity and depth of sound, especially those songs created in the digital age.

Vinyl has a special place in our heart. Between us, we have at least 4 different turntables! Sam is always spinning up a disc for us to check out. It’s great that vinyl is having a renaissance - there is so much more warmth conveyed.

How about this one... Do you prefer Spotify? Apple Music? Bandcamp? Or something else? Why?

Love Spotify! A great way to check out new artists or follow ones that you’re interested in. In general, we prefer to BUY the music we like - which explains the good sized music libraries. Apple Music is good for that, we get a lot of stuff there, and you can’t beat the convenience! Bandcamp and Soundcloud are really good for discovering new artists.

Other than the digital era overwhelming us with access to an abundance of music, what is the biggest challenge you face when trying to connect with or find new fans?

I think you hit the nail on the head. One of the great things about music in the modern day is that it’s much easier for unknown artists to get some recognition . . . big business really doesn’t control what you have access to as much as they used to, which is great. But it is a bit more like trying to find your favorite drop of water in an ocean - there is just so much out there! That’s part of the value of MTM - it’s super helpful to have someone direct you to music you might like.

For us, connection with our current and new fans is really about the music itself. We use social media, and other connections, but it’s really about the songs, not us.

Where is the best place to connect with you online? Discover more music?

Blue Sand Renegades debut album 'Disclosure' is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Spotify, wherever else you find your music. Check it out!

For more info, people can find us and follow on the 'net.

on Instagram @bluesandrenegades

Anything else you’d like to add before signing off?

Yes. It’s blogs like MTM - with your features, interviews and the rest that really helps new Indie bands. Gives people a place to go to learn about what the latest is, help navigate that sea of new music. We appreciate your time, and the effort - keep it up!


‘Gypsy Water’ featured on Jam Family Records

Hey! The great folks over at Jam Family Records decided to feature ‘Gypsy Water’ on their new ‘Crunch Time: Vol. 1’

Check it out here!

Full ‘Disclosure’

Hey, ‘Disclosure’ is available!

I invite you to check it out on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby or wherever you get your music!

It's been a long road to get to this point. But we're finally here! After almost 2 years of sweat - creative and physical -we've made it.

We didn't plan it this way. Initially, Sam and I started jamming to have fun. At that point, there was no motive other than to celebrate the joy of playing music together.

Geeks that we are, we recorded what we did. Not for any purpose other than to be able to step back, analyze and discuss what we were jamming on. Sam had been playing bass in a jazz setting, and I had just left my job and was looking for the next thing to sink my teeth into.

I'd always thought of Sam as a drummer. One of the best drummers I've ever played with. Special. Over the past few years he'd become fascinated with the bass, and had picked it up quickly enough to be playing jazz.

I don't really know many cover tunes, and even less of them are jazz (like none!), so we ran out of songs pretty quickly that first time. So I started playing this riff I had just written, and Sam jumped right in.

‘You got some vocals for this?’ he asked me after running through the riff a couple times.

I set up a microphone. What happened next led to what you hear on ‘Disclosure’.

We figured out pretty early in the process that we had something unique . . . I played an early version of ‘Quitter’ for my friend and former bandmate Noel Christopher- who's a great musician and songwriter himself, and he said, ‘you guys have invented a new genre: Americana Western Rock’.

Don't know about that, but he provided some perspective outside our own, and it encouraged us.

I asked my buddy and former band-mate Brian Chu to come by one night and play some piano for us . . . luckily he did, and you can hear him tickling the ivories on ‘Holdout’. Really appreciate that. He's got great feel for what a song needs, and always has.

This spring, I figured that we were almost done recording. We had six songs, and I thought that would be enough for our first record. I took a break to travel down to Austin for SXSW, on the way I stopped by my brother John's house. He and his family asked me to play a couple tunes for them (I had my guitar with me), and after a few songs, I played them a very incomplete version of ‘Gambler's Way’. My brother and my nephew jumped all over it! John said, ‘you have to finish that and put it on the album!‘

I worked on it when I was in Austin, and brought a more complete version back to Boston.

I played it for Sam, and we finished it a few weeks later.

After that, we got lucky that Jay Frigoletto was willing to Master our album. He made it sound great!

There's a lot that goes into composing and recording a single song, much less seven. The songwriting was inspired by people and events; in the end it seems that the combination of Sam laying down wicked good grooves, and what I was doing really worked.

I hope that you like it. Even more, I hope that you find something about it that makes you feel passionate, engaged.

Thanks for checking us out!


Blue Sand Renegades release ‘Disclosure’

‘Disclosure’ is now available on iTunes, Amazon and everywhere else where you can find quality music! Check it out!


Album almost complete!

Dan in the Mastering studio

Dan in the Mastering studio

This week we completed the Mastering process on our album! Big props to Grammy Award Winner Jay Frigoletto for his excellent mastering work! Next step: Artwork – stay tuned!


Dan and Jay after Mastering the Blue Sands Renegades album

Dan and Jay after Mastering the Blue Sands Renegades album

I Love You All The Time

We just finished putting the finishing touches on the video that will accompany our version of the Eagles of Death Metal song ‘I Love You All The Time’. As you probably know, the EoDM were playing the Bataclan Theatre in Paris on November 13 2015 – the evening of the terror attacks.

Subsequently, the Eagles of Death Metal dedicated this song to the people of Paris, and asked other musicians to join them in covering the song, as part of their Play It Forward Campaign.

You can find our version on YouTube

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